Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Side Saddle Dressage Videos

Just posted the videos in the Video Bar at the lower right side, of the three previous side saddle dressage tests Hattie and I have done at the Hinckley Dressage and the Leicester Dressage shows.

I need to work on my elbows (keeping them in!), make circles rounder, lines straighter, keep the impulsion at the walk (which will also help Hattie not go on her forehand so much!), try to keep her in an outline and right shoulder back!!!

In the Christmas video, I was dressed as Mrs. Santa Claus..

We won 8th place in our class (out of 10 so not too bad!) and we won 1st place for best costume whch was a box of chocolate for me and mint treats for Hattie!

I am terrible at sewing so most of our costume was cobbled together from thrift store finds. I found the red velvet blazer at a thrift which was two size too small (it had a double back vent so good for riding in!) and trimmed it up with white fleece cut off from a stained white polar fleece sweater bought from another thrift. The size problem was solved by wearing a corset and leaving the top buttons undone. I just wore my normal white show shirt and ratcatcher underneath. My "apron" is actually a large Ikea curtain (also found at a thrift!) which I pinned and sewed together while sitting on my side saddle on it's stand in the living room to get a proper apron like look to it.

My Santa Claus riding helmet cover, Hattie's reindeer ears and jingle bells were found on Ebay while her red velvet jingle bows were found at the supermarket in the Christmas section. They are actually supposed to be used on presents but with the wire ties they have, they worked perfectly with her braids.

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