Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Welcome to my blog!

I've wanted to set up a blog for a while but just couldn't understand all this "technology" that I was faced with so please bear with me as I figure out everything here.

A bit about me to get things started...

My name is Leila and I ride side saddle! I'm 34 years old, run my own vintage clothing business, Corsets and Crinolines and have a 14 year old Thoroughbred cross mare named Hattie that I've had since December 2008. I used to ride hunter in Canada as a kid and into my 20's but then moved to England in 2000 and after waiting 25 years to get one, FINALLY bought my own side saddle in January 2007.

These days due to back problems and arthritis (both of which I've inherited), I can no longer jump but have ventured into the world of dressage and doing it side saddle!

I hope to have many discussions here about this wonderful art form and share my thoughts and adventures in the process.

Here's to side saddlin'!

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