Monday, 8 February 2010

My New Find! An Antique Edwardian Habit!

I'm so excited!!! I just bought a c. 1910 Edwardian riding habit!! It is coming from the US but it was originally made in London and has approx. a 34" bust and a 24" waist.

Here are some photos of the habit but I will take some more when it arrives as the skirt has not been displayed correctly on the dress form. I just can't wait to see how it is constructed and to put it on my own c. 1910 Edwardian dress form here at home.

As you can see, the skirt does not appear to be an apron as it has a "knee bulge" (visible in the back view of the habit), this should be placed so that it shows at the front right side of the habit.

This is the original label which has shattered. You can just make out "Habit Makers" and "London" on the label but the maker's name is illegible and I don't recognize it as any of the "big name" maker's of the era either. If anyone can shed some light on who this habit maker is, it would be much appreciated!


  1. That is neat! The jacket sure is long isn't it? You sure find some neat things!

  2. I know, it's crazy that it's that long! In my Eva Christy book the ladies are wearing similar length coats too. It mirrors the long line styles of normal clothes during c. 1910.
    I like the double vent at the back too, you'd need it with a coat that long.

  3. So would you sit on the coat then? Or would it come out behind/beside you?
    What are your plans for this outfit? Are you going to try and restore it or just keep it as a collectors item?

  4. It would end up being parted by the long vent so that it draped down on each side of you like an extra skirt. You see long coats like this too on early lady's astride riding habits as well as they acted as modesty too.

    I'm going to try and find some antique buttons and replace all the originals as too many are missing and then I'm hoping it will fit the 12 year old girl, that keeps her pony at my stables. She wants to ride Hattie side saddle in the up coming Easter show in the costume class they are having (I don't have a side saddle small and wide enough to fit her Welsh) so she can wear this if it fits her. Told her she will have to wear a corset like the original wearer, she just looked at me blankly and asked "What's a corset?", LOL!

  5. Oh that will be neat! Definitely take pictures and post them for us!