Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Ones That Got Away...

Just "side saddle shopping" (well, more like browsing as I don't actually have any money to buy another saddle at the moment) and came across these drool worthy antique saddles on the internet which have sold previously at auctions.

If anyone is lucky enough to get to The Saddlebred Museum, they hold a yearly art auction of Saddlebred memorabilia and related horse items which regularly, seem to include gems of side saddles up for bids!

This comfy looking early 20th century Bach of New York side saddle sold for a reasonable $1000 US in 2009. It is described as having a 17" seat (from cutback head to cantle) and being in excellent usable condition. The pommels and the shape of the seat and safe make the saddle look like it would be super comfortable to ride in.

In 2006, the Saddlebred Art auction sold this beautiful early 20th century side saddle made by Michael J. Knoud for $1500 US. Looks like it would be comfortable hunting weight saddle with it's wide flared pommels and doeskin seat for extra grip. The auction description said that it has a 18" seat from cutback to cantle.

I found this gorgeous western side saddle on the i Collector website which sold in November 2009. It didn't say what the ending bid was but that the bidding started at $200 US and the estimate was $400- $800 US. With restoration, it looks like it would be a wonderful and comfortable saddle to ride and show in. The pommels are also wider than what is normally found on western side saddles. Now, if only they could have turned the leaping head around properly!


  1. I purchased this western side saddle and would be happy to answer questions about it.


  2. WOW! I love that western saddle. Is it a small size? Are the pommels really that wide as they look in the photo? They seem wider than most western side saddles that I have seen.