Saturday, 20 March 2010

Just Ridin' in the Rain

Despite the heavy rain today, we still went out for a hack today. I didn't end up wearing my top hat and wine velvet jacket like I had wanted to, as I didn't want to ruin them in the rain. Good news though as I got my silver Charles Owen helmet back that got stolen! The thieves dumped it in the field next to mine and the farmer found it in his plants (thank goodness it had a soft landing). I got it cleaned up so it's good as new and have been wearing it all week to ride in.

Hattie was a bit slow at the beginning of our ride, but soon perked up when we were joined by some other riders and then couldn't stop her on the way home!

My leg ACHED from not riding side saddle for a long time and my right shoulder did not want to co-operate with staying back but don't feel to bad now. We didn't canter today as the rain made the grass to slippery (and Hattie would have galloped off with me with the mood she was in!) but we had a couple of good trots.

The bridleway that we hack out on is quite narrow as you can see in the photos, so often we have to ride on the grass verges if a car drives past us on the lane. There are some dtiches that cut across the grass verges and normally we just walk down, through and up them but today, Hattie decided that we were going to jump the ditch and caught me off guard! LOL, thank goodness for the horns on the saddle!

You can see how the ditches cut across the grass verges in this photo. You can also see how Hattie was revved up and would not stay still to have her photo taken.

Us on our way home, we'd had enough of the rain!

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