Friday, 19 March 2010

Little Red Riding Coat

I came across this lovely photo on the internet, it's taken from a Money Week articles about holidays you can take here in the UK in old historic country houses.

I didn't think much to the article or the thought of spending £1000 a day to stay at a country house, but I did love the long red coat the rider is wearing in the photo (and her patent leather riding boots!). The whole look of the rider's outfit is just so unconventional yet classy.

We're going out on a hack tomorrow if the weather is nice, and I was going to ride sidesaddle. I have a top hat and white stock tie, I can polish up my rubber riding boots to make them shiny and I have a coat....

My vintage 1940's wine velvet coat that I wore to my wedding! Don't have any dark grey breeches though and my light grey ones are in the wash.

Hmmmmmm, wondering if I should be so bold as to try and ride out like this?!


  1. Very fancy! I like the coat! I think it will look really neat sidesaddle.

  2. I don't know what it's called where you are, but in the States there's a shoe polish called Parade Gloss, which will make any smooth leather look really shiny like the boots in the photo.