Saturday, 27 March 2010

Side Saddle Finds!

Been a bit of a lazy week this week as I had a bad cold and I think Hattie has caught it! We went to a horse show last Sunday, did some show jumping and came away with two rosettes and then Sunday night my cold started and a couple of days later, Hattie started with it. I've been coughing and having a snotty nose and so has she. Can horses catch people colds? I've been blowing my nose and coughing at the stables and then making up her feeds so I'm thinking if people catch viruses this way, why not animals too? She's up to date on her vaccines for Equine Flu, etc so I reckon she has indeed caught mine or a cold of some sort.

Hattie lives out so she doesn't have the dust from the stables bothering her and I've started wetting her hay and feed so any dust on the hay doesn't aggravate her. I've also started giving her a nice vitamin rich feed for good doers and been giving her extra carrots and apples in her feed for vitamin C. There is nothing wrong with her appetite!!

It was a nice day today so we went for a quite walk down the lane. I rode side saddle but I'm still not feeling too great and Hattie coughed a few times so it wasn't a long ride- just something to keep us moving. We were planning on jumping at a show next Sunday but I think we may give it a miss if Hattie still isn't right.

I got to try out my "new" three fold girth today on my saddle. I say "new" as although it's new to me, it's an ancient Barnsby girth probably from the 1940's or something. I found it at my local tack shop that sells all sorts of strange and wonderful tack!

I like it but I need to darken the leather to match my saddle, add keepers onto it and get the buckles and chapes replaced as they are old nickle buckles and the leather buckle chapes have cracking. The leather of the girth itself is still supple though.

We went to an antique sale today too and I found another bargain, a Christy's of London bowler hat in my size for £25! It's nearly new and in excellent condition.

I'm so pleased as usually at antique fairs, the hats are so small, at the Side Saddle shows they are too expensive and I never have any luck on Ebay finding one, as I have to compete against men bidding for the same hats due to my big hat size!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow that Hattie is feeling a bit better as we have our first side saddle lesson this week!

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