Sunday, 14 March 2010

A Victorian Mother's Day

Happy mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day here in the UK so I decided to share some Mother's Day themed Victorian photos that I have in my antique photo collection.

A c. 1867- 1868 CDV photo of a young lady in her riding habit and holding her whip, leaning lovingly against her mother. The girl wears her hair in the fashionable rolls seen at her temples but her mama has a slightly older hairstyle covering her ears, which would have been fashionable during the 1850's and early 1860's. You can just see a horseshoe shaped brooch at the neckline of the daughter's habit. I just love this photo as you can see the closeness of mother and daughter rather than the typical stiff, formal stiff poses of most Victorian photographs.

This c. 1885 cabinet card is probably one of my favorites in my collection. It's a candid photo of a lovely hourglass shaped lady looking lovingly at her cute little baby. It's an unusual photo as there is a stark difference between the lady's severe looking riding habit (which REALLY flatters her figure) and the soft innocence of the little baby along with white fluffy baby clothes it's wearing. It's just a lovely photo.

Good news!! I got in touch with a side saddle instructor here in Leicestershire and I'll be having my first side saddle lesson on Thursday! I'm so excited but nervous at the same time as I know there will be LOTS of bad habits to correct since all I've learned, has been from my side saddle books with no one to point out any faults I've acquired. I wasn't sure whether to have a 1/2 hour or a full hour lesson but my instructor said a 1/2 lesson is best or else I won't be able to walk after!!


  1. Hope the lesson went can be expected, I guess! I think you probably did better than you think....

  2. My lesson got cancelled as my instructor's car broke down :( She rescheduled for the week after next which gives me time to get into shape for it, LOL!