Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What A Start To The New Show Season!

Did my dressage test on Sunday and we came 4th out of a class of 14!
LOL, although after riding my test, I didn't think I rode particulary well but after watching the video, I could see that Hattie saved my butt (even though I called her a donkey!). Sorry for the grainy photos, but I had to do screen shots from the video.

We got 63% which beat our last score of 61.7% and we got better marks 6's and 7's (7 for rider's position!), no 5's like our last test and the judges comments were good but bascially, we need to work more in a contact.

This will come with more schooling and hacking out since we were both out of shape after our winter break. I also need to work on my lower leg as I don't know that they were doing!

Anyways, next month we are aiming to do the Intro A test side saddle and hopefully the Prelim 10 test astride at the April dressage show. Hattie won't be ready to do the Prelim test side saddle but at least with the Intro A walk/trot test, we can get back into showing side saddle again. Our schooling plan now will be to alternate side saddle schooling and astride schooling (still working on our left rein canter which is coming along), the two should be able to help each other!

Good news too, I'm going to start taking side saddle lessons! I've come to a point where I can't progress any further without instruction as I need someone there to make sure I'm doing things correctly and help me with my cantering. I can only afford a lesson once a month but at least with some instruction, it will keep me going in the right direction and hopefully help me in the equitation class at the Side Saddle show in June!

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  1. That's great! Congrats on the placing!
    I think one lesson a month will sure be better than none and it'll give you lots of time in between to work on what you learned.