Thursday, 9 September 2010

BBC A History of the World

The BBC in conjunction with The British Museum, started a programme a while back where ordinary people could submit photos of their items so that a general picture of normal everyday life over the centuries could be built up.

While looking through the website, I was happy to see two side saddle items up although I wish better photos had been taken!

If you click on the image, it will take you to the BBC website that explains more about the item.

Owen Side Saddle:

1960's Moss Bros Riding Habit:


  1. Yeah, well, you'll note it also says the saddle was made in the 1830s, which is so very wrong you can only laugh. Makes you wonder about the accuracy of everything else you see, doesn't it?

  2. LOL, I hadn't noticed it! I just took it to mean that Owen started in the 1830's (according to Nick Creaton, it was founded prior to 1839 by Henry Owen) not that the saddle was 1830's. Either the BBC got confused or the Antiques Roadshow lady that submitted it to the site, got her dates mixed up with 1830 and 1930!

    LOL, either that or Owen was WAY WAY ahead of it's time in the 1830's :P