Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Feeling Restless.....

It's been a bit of a rubbish past few days as my cracked rib has been achy and now my back muscles and bones have been acting up due to lack of exercise. Poo picking the field and pushing the wheelbarrow is doing my back in as I'm losing "condition" yet at the same time, I can't do any too strenuous (even low impact exercises like swimming) due to my stupid rib. It's a vicious circle, I'm in constant pain, gaining weight and losing fitness and can't do anything about it!! Plus, there is a stupid fly that keeps buzzing 'round my eye as I'm typing that is getting on my nerves!!

Not riding for another month is doing my head in, everyone went on a hack this past weekend as we are having glorious weather and I had to ride my bike and tag along behind.

I just feel so restless!!

I can't wait to the end of next month when I can at least start riding a little bit (the doctor said to take it easy at first) and hopefully my new side saddle will be ready. My original plan for October was to start doing the Prelim dressage tests but that will have to go on hold till my fitness and my rib is 100% better so hopefully we can attempt an Intro A and B test in November in our new saddle.

I started getting Hattie back into work yesterday by lunging her so at least there won't be two of us fat and unfit when I start riding again. She is getting so fat due to not being ridden, even WITH a grazing muzzle on and not being on any feed or hay due to the lush grass. I've devised a lunging program of 30 minutes 4 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) as if I do too much with her in the school, she gets in a bad mood and bored.

Here is her "before" photo in which she doesn't look too impressed with having it taken!

In case you are wondering about the two antique photos, they are from my own collection and date from about 1910. I find the one of the horse rearing so neat as you rarely see antique "action" photos like this due to the longer exposure time old cameras had. The horse looks as about restless as I am at the moment!

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