Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Off-side Side Saddles

I just love riding on the off-side, it's so neat and different! I just wish there were more off-side saddles about as it's frustrating to love doing something but the equipment is hard to find!

These are are photos I've collected from various websites while Googling over the past couple of years showing various models of such a rare form of saddle.

An early 1920's off-side side saddle from the Czech republic found on the Czech Side Saddle website in an article on What and What NOT to buy.

A beautiful hardly used off-side Owen from the 1930's. This was a pony sized side saddle with a 15 1/2" seat (UK measurements).

A very rare Victorian Goodnight Style Off-Side Western side saddle from the mid 1890's. This was restored by the Side Saddlery, the story of it can be seen on the ISSO website.

A stunning Victorian era off-side side saddle from South America with a side hoop and slipped stirrup.

A beautiful modern off-side side saddle which was custom made by Tattersalls Side Saddles. So rare to see a new custom made one!

An old c. 1904 Edwardian Champion & Wilton off-side side saddle with a blocked head and which looks to be on a Wykeham pad.

Nick Creaton also has a beautiful and rare restored off-side Mayhew from the Edwardian era shown on his website.

This 1950's postcard is from my own collection and is of Princess Beatrix. Her off-side side saddle appears to be much older than the 1950's and looks to be Edwardian or early 1920's at the latest.

Just for a slight change of pace, an autumn photo! I had to take this photo this morning while I was poo-picking the paddock. the leaves are starting to change colors on the trees and Hattie and her stablemate, Chance (a 13hh Welsh Section C), were resting under a tree which was shedding it's leaves.


  1. Thank you so much for doing research and finding these photos. They are very much appreciated!!!

  2. Your welcome! I thought they were pretty interesting examples of off-side side saddles as you see so few about.
    Don't know how comfy that South American side saddle would have been though!