Thursday, 16 September 2010

Side saddle at The Queen's Year

Buckingham Palace put on a new exhibit this summer about Queen Elizabeth II and two side saddle artefacts of hers are in it!

According to the Telegraph newspaper, "Significant objects, artefacts, clothes and even hats from the "Queen's Year" will feature in a new exhibition marking the summer opening of Buckingham Palace. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were given a private viewing of the attraction, which opens to the public next week and traces a typical year in the monarch's life through all the paraphernalia and items associated with the events she attends."

Her Trooping of the Colour side saddle habit that she wore from 1953- 1986 is displayed,

As is her Mayhew type side saddle made by Turner & Bridger in 1969. The Queen rode Burmese with this saddle until 1986.

The Queen viewing her side saddle at the exhibit:


  1. I'm old enough to remember the Queen riding Burmese. After Burmese retired, the Queen decided that she would do the inspection on foot. If memory serves me correctly, Burmese was a present from Canadian Mounted Police. Thank you for posting the photos.

  2. You are right, Burmese was given to the Queen by the RCMP. She was a lovely looking mare. I googled her dates and she was born in 1962 and died in 1990.