Sunday, 26 September 2010

Weekend Bits and Bobs

Didn't do much this weekend, I lunged Hattie Saturday morning then after, everyone I know seemed to go out on a hack. Of course I have to get left behind so decided to do a bit of retail therapy on Saturday.

I needed a new riding helmet as both my riding helmets have given up the ghost and a new pair of wellies as mine always fall apart after a few wearings and I'm fed up with having wet feet!

We went to Townfields Saddlers in Coventry as I had never been there and seemd to have good prices on things.

Charles Owen had come out with a new slimmer riding helmet this year called Fiona's Hat and I thought it looked quite pretty. Luckily they had them at Townfields and I tried one one. I always buy Charles Owen helmets anyways as they fit my head shape really well and they tend to take a lot of abuse and keep on going. They aren't the cheapest of helmets but I trust my head in them.

Fiona's Hat:

The lady at the tack shop said that with the Fiona, they have to fit snug and I fit into a 7 1/8 rather than the 7 1/4 I usually take in helmets. It's very lightweight and comfy and THIN! It reminds me of the helmets I used to wear during the 80's and 90's when I was younger before they came out with the thick lined hats. The Fiona hat is just as safe as the thick lined hat but it's modern technology that allows for the foam to absorb just as much shock as the thicker foam.

I think it's really pretty and will look nice with my riding habit. I did like the blue velvet but since my habit is black, decided on the black velvet.

As my luck would have it, they had Ariat Mudbuster wellies on a clearance sale with my size left in stock!

I had always wanted a pair but they were always out of my budget so was quite pleased when I saw they were on sale. I got the blue ones and they are SO COMFY!! All my riding and paddock boots are Ariat as the soles help my back and bad hip not to hurt and now I'll have wellies that ease my poorly bits too! I never had a pair of rubber boots that were so comfortable.

Then this morning, I wore them to free school Hattie. I had never free schooled her before and my friend Gill, had mentioned it yesterday when I was lunging Hattie so decided to give it a go today. Hattie did REALLY well although she went a bit crazy at the canter and bucked like a bronco as she was so excited with being off the lunge line. It was amazing though how much she knew what I was saying and trusted me as I was able to bring her back to a calm canter and a trot with just my voice commands. She halted when I told her so, I walked up to her and told her to walk on and she followed me to the gate where I went to get the lead rope to lead her back to the stable.

It just goes to show how voice aids are just important and hand, leg and artifical aids, especially with riding side saddle when we have our legs on one side!

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