Saturday, 2 October 2010

Fashion & Safety

We went to my favorite tack shop today, Tower Farm Saddlers, as they were having their bi-annual sale. I didn't really plan on getting anything other than two bales of shavings as I'm saving up the rest of the money to pay for my Manorgrove side saddle when it is ready (hopefully at the end of the month!) and because their wasn't really anything I needed! I mostly went as Josie, the girl who owns Chance (Hattie's stablemate), needed to get him a new saddle.

You can drop some serious amounts of money in that store! At one point I had in my basket, a pair of pink bell boots, a pair of pink nu-buck suede tendon boots and a matching pair of pink nu-buck fetlock boots with sheepskin fleece lining, a horse advent calender and goodness knows what else!

Anyways, I was very good today and put back most of the stuff in my basket (*SOB*, I REALLY liked those pink nu-buck boots!!!) and got myself a nifty pink and white show shirt to wear under my side saddle habit....

It's the Shires Equestrian Monarch Riding Shirt and it has two detachable collars, a ratcatcher so I can wear it for jumping and a normal fold down collar so I can wear it with a tie for morning side saddle equitation classes. If you don't have any collar on it at all, you can wear it with a stock tie for dressage or for side saddle classes where you wear a top hat.

I really like it as it has pink on it as I hate drab boring colors and it's made from stretchy cotton fabric so you can move in it. The front buttons are covered by a little flap so no button hole gaping at bust! Whoo hoo! I made sure to try on the fold down collar to make sure it was snug enough after the judges comments at my last side saddle show about my show shirt's collar being too large on me. I'm a UK size 16 and the size "large" fitted me perfectly and was the correct length for my 5'9" height. A lot of show shirts are too short on me and get untucked but this one seems long enough.

The pink won't show when I have my habit and waistcoat on but I will know it's there and it will make me happy.

My husband keeps going on about if I had been wearing a body protector when jumping Hattie, I wouldn't have broken my rib when I fell off my off-side side saddle. Probably, and it also doen't help that I'm 35 and don't bounce as I hit the floor like I did when I was 17.

With this in mind, I purchased a body protector today....

I have never bought one before as they are just so darn expensive but who could resist a PINK Charles Owen UltraLite Body Protector at 50% off!!! My one is exactly like the photo but the body of it is pink with silver grey mesh panels. It's so purdy...

They had all the sizes but the size medium fit my height and my dress size (43" bust and 34" waist) and there will still be room for adjusting when I go down a dress size as I'm currently watching my weight. It's has Level 3 protection so it's a modern and safe one.

I wanted to make sure that I would be able to riding side saddle in it as it feels weird wearing one, not constricted but an all over "hug" feeling so I sat side ways on a floor model saddle on the saddle horse, LOL, got some funny looks. I leaned forwards pretending to "jump" and keeping my right shoulder back and it felt ok. The back part of my protector was a long way up from the cantle of the saddle or the bottom of my bum so that was good. I won't wear it underneath the jacket of my habit as I'd need a bigger jacket but I'm going to wear it over my habit jacket when I'm jumping at shows or over my normal jacket when hacking/schooling. I don't think it would go down too well in an equitation class though so won't use it for that or for dressage.

I'm glad I bought it though and yes, I still remembered to get what I originally went in for, two bales of shavings!


  1. pink horsey items are the best horsey items! I love that shirt

  2. I agree!! While I was waiting in line to pay, they had a pink leather headcollar with diamante trim on the noseband near the cash register for £17.99 and it was beautiful. If I had the cash, I would have bought that too!:-)