Monday, 25 October 2010

Finally Aside!

We had very nice weather this weekend and decided that Sunday would be the day that I would get back into the side saddle so got all off-side side saddle, three buckle girth and balance strap all ready to go along with my pink body protector. To be on the safe side, I also put a running martingale on my bridle for extra security as I didn't know what kind of mood Hattie would be in.

Got down to my stable with all my tack in tow to see these signs that the police had put up at every barn on the lane warning passer byers to be vigilant. I've been at my stables for 2 years now and have been broken into three times, twice this year so I'm glad that the police have put up these signs. Maybe someone will spot one of the b*ggers and the police will actually be able to arrest someone. It's not fair, I *should* be able to keep my tack in MY locked tack room without worry of it getting stolen but instead I've got to lug everything around.

Anyways, got Hattie tacked up (yippee, her girth still fits her fat belly!) and then attemped to get on in my friend's arena with my body protector on. Now THAT was fun..trying to get on the off-side (which is weird feeling at the best of times) with a bulky body protector! LOL, even though I was using a mounting block, I felt so stiff with it on and trying to get my foot into the stirrup with the front of the body protector bouncing off the leaping horn of the saddle. I'm glad no one was filming as all you would need is some Benny Hill music to turn it into a comedy!

FINALLY got on and walked around the arena for a bit to check all was ok (the body protector didn't feel too bad when I was actually in the saddle) and went out on a hack!

Well, the doctor warned that I should take it easy when starting riding again but Hattie wasn't having any of it, she wanted to GO! She wasn't spooky but was just forward with striding out at the walk (why can't she do that in our dressage tests?) and then when we got to our canter spots, she was like "Mum, PLEASE can we go NOW!" so I said ok! We had a few FAST canters along the grass verges of the lane, trotted through the river and then stopped (well attemped to stop as Hattie did not want to) to watch some dressage tests at the show we were *supposed* to be in had I not gone and broken a rib.

Then we got back to the stable and Hattie became her usual donkey self and fell asleep..

My new saddle is supposed to be ready this coming weekend so I'm so excited as then I will be able to work Hattie properly as the seat isn't quite long enough on my off-side to do any serious schooling in it.

I also had an invite from one of my friends on Facebook asking if I would be be going to the SSA Area 5 Late Autumn Show on November 21, held at Roger Philpot's Pittern Hill Stables. There is a novice equitation class that I would be able to go in but unfortunately, I have no transport to get to any shows! It's really annoying as I practice and work so hard at riding and then are unable to get to any shows without having to rely on my friends being able to take me. We don't have a 4x4 so even if I bought a trailer, we couldn't tow it and even if we had a 4x4 to tow a trailer, my husband DOES NOT want to tow anything. I don't have a drivers licence either so it's a bit of a quandry really. I need to win the lotto and get a professional horse transporter to bring me everywhere!

How is the weather where you are? This morning when I got to the stable, there was hard white frost everywhere (the photo doesn't show how white it was though). The water buckets were frozen too. Winter has come early this year and I'm sure glad I got all my hay and straw in!

I found this interesting late 1960's photo taken from an old slide from The Slide Guy blog of a lady (who looks to be in her 60's), riding side saddle through the streets of London. There are more interesting and funny slides on the blog but this is the only one of side saddle.

It's a photo of contrasts as the lady was probably born in the late Victorian era, learned to ride side saddle in the Edwardian era when there were no such things as red double decker buses or girls walking around in mini skirts. Yet, there she is riding the way she learned how to at the beginning of the century wearing her 1960's thick rimmed glasses and girls in mini dresses walking by on the street! It's just an odd photo that makes you think.

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  1. When I worked in Finsbury Square in the 1980s, I was leaving work one day and walking to get the bus or tube, half asleep and not really paying much attention to where I was going. Suddenly I heard this clip-clop noise, looked up, and there was this policeman on a huge horse right in front of me! That's what that picture reminds me of - just someone on a horse suddenly appearing in the City of London. Talk about a surprise.