Friday, 26 November 2010

1920's Nardi Riding Habit

I just got my mail and inside one of the envelopes was an advertisement from April 1921 for a Nardi side saddle riding habit...

It was given to me by my friend Pam Fierro, who is a fellow vintage clothing dealer and who owns the fabulous website, Glamoursurf Vintage.
I collect vintage ads for riding habits and side saddles so this will fit nicely into my collection. Thanks Pam!

I like Nardi habits too, but sadly, it was a US maker so I doubt if many made it over to England.

I like the one the model is wearing in the ad. It still has the long jacket reminiscent of the 1910's but has the straight, non curvy lines which characterize the 1920's. It's kind of a transitional habit between the two decades.


  1. hi, it's Lexie back to bug you. I just wanted to tell you about the saddle I went and saw. It was lovely, but I do think the tree is broken, so I didn't bid. I don't have room for a display piece. I did take pictures though:
    I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. I did measure the gullet channel and got 4.5" Now i need to learn how to tell brands apart, and start dating them. Your blog has given me a glimpse into an amazing world, and you write so well.

    Thanks again for all your help!

  2. Hi Lexie

    Ooooooo, thanks for posting those photos! Would you mind if I saved them and did a blog post about your auction find? You did the right thing with not buying it if you suspected a broken tree if you wanted it to ride in. If it was cheap and you just wanted it for display, then that's another story but best save your money for a ridable one!
    The 4 1/2" gullet seems about right for that saddle too as that usually measures up as a narrow fit and that saddle definitely looked narrow.

  3. Thanks again for all your help. Be my guest to use the photos. I got my man to put his fist under the fixed head to show just how small the area was.
    I'll try to get a hold of the auctioneer to find out what it went for. I keep forgetting to say, my email is lexwellsATgmailDOTcom if you want to communicate that way instead.

    Thanks again!