Thursday, 11 November 2010

In Search of the Impossible..

Two things I am looking for and are impossible to find...

A fleece saddle cover for my off-side side saddle and a numnah for it too.

I emailed a seller on Ebay that sells fleece side saddle covers to ask if they would be able to make me one and received no response. How annoying, and it's not as if I have never bought from them before too! How hard would it to say "Sorry, we don't do 'em!".

The numnah is more trickier to find though.

I REALLY like Mattes numnahs as they are hard wearing and just look nice. It's cheaper to order them straight from Mattes as well and you can choose any color. They are thin too so don't get in the way of a properly flocked saddle. I wanted to order a few for my Manorgrove, a white one for dressage, a brown one for showing/schooling and a pink one just for fun. I don't think they do an off-side one though but I wonder if I emailed them and asked, if they would be able to make a custom one? I'd just order a pink one as I wouldn't be showing or doing anything fancy in my off-side saddle.


  1. I made my own fleece sidesaddle cover this spring, it's not perfect but it sure did the trick! Definitely interesting to construct though!

    The mattes numnah's that you mentioned, are they sheepskin or just a cotton quilted material? I'd love to have a sheepskin one but I've never seen them over here. I think I'm going to have to see what I can do for making some more sidesaddle accessories myself!

  2. Mattes makes plain thin cotton quilted pads, the same but with sheepskin lining at the bottom and then a sheepskin lined one but with a built in wedge at the back to raise the back of the saddle. They also do a pad with pockets in it with little correction pieces so you can adjust the fit on your saddle (that is a cotton quilt one).

    If you get a normal thin quilted side saddle pad and just get your own sheepskin and sew it on the bottom, then it's basically the same thing but you've saved yourself a bundle of money!