Thursday, 18 November 2010

Side Saddle Christmas Costume Ideas?

Next month, my local riding club is having a Christmas dressage show where you can dress up and do your test that way. Hattie and I won it last year with me being dressed up as Mrs. Santa Claus and Hattie being a reindeer.

I don't know what to be this year, any suggestions?


  1. Maybe an elf complete with green tights? Or you dress as the reindeer and have Hattie be Mrs. Claus. :)

  2. Darn!!! I was going to say elf too. Now I don't know what to suggest.

  3. I thinking about a Christmas Angel too!

  4. Kippen, great minds..and all that :)

  5. You could be the angel at the top of the tree! But then Hattie would have to be the tree... that could be difficult.

  6. She'd probably try and eat her tree costume!

  7. What about Mary on her Donkey - not very flattering for poor Hattie, but you could wear a blue dress etc.
    I love your blogs & am dying to know how you fit everything in??! I'm a mum of two little people (9mths & 4yrs) and I really struggle! However, have just brought a beautiful C&W saddle that needs some work, but will be lovely. Now I just need a habit. Am looking for a vintage one, but like you I'm tall so really struggling to find one that won't mean selling the kids to afford it!

  8. Ooooo, Mary on her donkey! LOL, that is a good idea as Hattie is a bit of a slow moving donkey when he do our dressage tests. :)

    The problem is that I NEVER have time to fit everything in. I'm off to bed in a minute as I'm zonked. I was up at 6:45 this morning to get to the stables so that I could practice at 9. It's easier now that my son is 9 and will get easier as he gets older and can take care of himself a bit more but I REALLY sympathise with you and your two little people! The winter months are the worse as it gets dark too quick and I never have time to ride during the week due to work and the horses having to come in early. Roll on spring!

    That is so exciting about your new saddle! I do like C&W's, I found my old one comfy, it was shame that is was just a bit too narrow for Hattie.

    I also understand about the "tall" problem with habits. Even new habits don't seem to be made long enough either. All the 2nd hand modern habits for sale on Ebay seem to be made for women 5'3"- 5'5"!

    It's the sleeves that are the worse! My habit could do with being a bit longer in the sleeve for me so I have to camouflage the gap by wearing gloves with a longer than average cuff. I found a lovely pair of light brown Picador brand riding gloves that have longer-than-average cuffs that hide the gap between my wrist and sleeve.

    If you find a habit that is a bit short sleeved but fits you everywhere else pretty well, then you may want to try the long glove trick!