Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Aside Rider in Red

Since I first saw it as a horse crazy teenager, I have always loved this advert of the side saddle rider in a red jacket created by German artist, Ludwig Hohlwein, in the Edwardian era for a sporting and ladies tailor, Hermann Shererr:

I also found another ladies riding habit ad by Hohlwein from the Edwardian era, showing a similar attired rider:

We go on a pre-Christmas hack every year with a little party in my neighbour's tack room before we set off. Hopefully if the weather is ok, we will do it again this year. Most of the riders get "tinseled" up and since I'll be riding side saddle, I thought about going as a Hohlwein rider and wearing my top hat and veil.

I have a red show jumping jacket that I got for free at a tack sale we went to in September. The tack shop was clearing them out and giving them away for free to loyalty card holders. For once they only had large sizes left (sizes 16 to 24!) so I was in luck! It's a nice show jacket by Dublin too and I thought if I wear it with my black apron, it would be perfect as Hohlwein-esque habit!

I don't know about the double bridle though. I have a pelham snaffle bit that we could use. I've never ridden Hattie in it but we'd only be walking and I'd just ride her off of the snaffle rein anyways!

Now just need to decide whether to ride on the near or off-side? :)

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