Sunday, 26 December 2010


I hope everyone had a good Christmas and Santa spoiled you rotten!

The horses certainly were as they were treated to lots of carrots and apples in their feeds and then again today, with a nice carrot bran mash.

I was a lucky girl this year and got a lovely black velvet apron for riding on my off-side side saddle! Hopefully one of these days when things thaw out (and my bank account recovers), I can get my off-side saddler is reflocked, and try a dressage test in it. I'll be able to use this apron with my cutaway jacket from my habit. I also got a sweater with horse shoes embroidered all over it, the new Jilly Cooper book, Jump, lots of chocolate, and The Ultimate Horse Barns book! I have wanted this book for awhile and a post by Julie from Riding Aside, reminded me how much I wanted to read it. It's a FABULOUS book and spent all evening reading about (and drooling over) the barns in it.

I didn't get to ride yesterday and was feeling bloated from all the excess eating I did on Christmas day, so went for a plod around my friend's outdoor area. We practised 10m circles as Hattie seems to like doing these as it helps her limber up and gets her thinking. I also worked on my position with keeping my right shoulder back, keeping my seat bones even, sitting up straight, and keeping my right leg against the saddle (this also helps when doing circles, turning and corners as if I press against the saddle onto Hattie's shoulders, it helps her with her bends).

The center of the arena wasn't so bad so we did a few short bursts of trot across the diagonal as well.

We also walked through our Intro B test which we will be doing on January 16 but I need to practise our half 10m circle and our half 20m circles, both of which are in the test!

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