Sunday, 2 January 2011

BRRA Christmas/ New Years Show

A couple of photos showing Josie riding Hattie side saddle at the BRRA Christmas/New Years horse show held today at Blaby Mill Stables.

The farrier still hasn't been able to get out to me to put Hattie's shoe back on so I put two layers of cotton gamgee on her sole and cut it large enough to curl around the edges of her hoof, then wrapped everything in Vetrap, reinforced that with black tape, slapped a pair of bell boots on her and she was fine!

There was stiff competition as all the kids did a fabulous job on their costumes, I wouldn't have liked to have been a judge to decide who to choose!! Josie and Hattie didn't win but she rode Hattie REALLY well in the arena as there were a few ponies who decided to act up and buck and bolt across the arena. Josie kept remembering to keep her "RIGHT SHOULDER BACK!!!!!" and Hattie ignored the little terrors and kept plodding on. So much for Thoroughbreds being a "hot" breed!

Well done Josie and Hattie!


  1. A good Thoroughbred is the best type of horse of all. Or so says I, who is not at all biased. I swear I am not. Okay, maybe a little.

  2. Yup, can't disagree there! I always seem to end up with them too!