Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Side Saddle Bits 'n Bobs

The farrier finally managed to come out to us today and so Hattie has a new pair of brand spanking new shoes! We were supposed to school afterwards but I've been feeling lousy with a cold and it started to hail so said "forget it!". Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and we can ride.

I found this side saddle clip posted on Facebook today and thought it would be neat to share it as it gives a little glimpse into the world of side saddle and it's traditions.

HA in Virginia : Side Saddle Champion Sandra Conchar

Even though I didn't ride, it was a very productive day.. Checked my bank account this morning and saw that my renewal for the Side Saddle Association came out which means I'll be getting the new 2011 rule book and newsletter soon!! Whoo Hoo!

The Manorgrove saddler rang me and he's coming out on Saturday to reflock my new side saddle and also my off-side side saddle so now I'll be able to swap saddles for dressage depending on how my hip is acting up! Another Whoo Hoo!

Talking about off-side side saddles, my antique postcard that I won on Ebay at Christmas FINALLY arrived in the mail after a long wait. It's of a teenage girl holding her horse which has an off-side Champion & Wilton side saddle. The date on the back is March 25 but unfortunately, the year is illegible. It looks to be 1910's though.


  1. Dont be so certain it was an off-side saddle in the photo ;) Sometimes negatives were flipped in the processing which would make a normal side-saddle look like an offside one. There isnt any writing in the photo on anything at all to confirm otherwise.

  2. In fact, the buttoning on the ladies jacket might give things away as it probably would have been the other way around.

  3. Sadly, what Tiffers said. And girl, we've got to stop bidding against each other. :)

    If you are ever stateside (as opposed to Canada!) you have to come to VA and look through my collection!!

  4. I did wonder if it was flipped (wasn't sure if they could do that back then) but even still, it's still a nice image of side saddle even if it is a "fake" off-side one, LOL!

    I've found though, that buttoning isn't always a sure way to check though! I've had Victorian bodices which have buttoned on the "man's" side.

    Ooooo Jeannie, I would LOVE to come and look through your collection!! One day I'll make it, it's a deal! My dad lives in Bethesda, Maryland so maybe I can combine some sort of visit my pa/visit Jeannie kind of trip. ;-)

  5. I know the buttoning isnt always a surefire way of judging it but it is a good way usually of working it out. If you enlarge the picture though, you can see the throatlast buckle and keepers. Unless the bridle has a seperate throatlash with a buckle either side (much like an in hand bridle or some driving bridles)then it would also suggest its a flipped photo :D

    Btw, I only look for these things because I got all excited once when I saw an "off-side" photo, only to have it all explained to me! :D

  6. LOL, forgot about the throatlash!!

  7. BETHESDA???? SERIOUSLY????? I am right across the river - Centreville, VA. Between Leesburg and Manassas. Less than an hour's drive. This will happen at some point! :)

  8. Whoohoo!!!!! I didn't realize you weren't that far from him!