Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Side Saddle Videos!

While uploading the video of my dressage test to You Tube last night, I found some old videos Josie took of me jumping Hattie side saddle for the first time last May. I had forgotten I had them so uploaded them too!

Hattie & I jumping for the 1st time ever, excuse the shaky camera as Josie was running around after us trying to film, LOL!

Our 2nd attempt. I really miss my C&W saddle as I found my right leg had a more solid position in it and it really fit my butt good!! Shame it got too narrow for Hattie!

This is the video of the Intro B dressage test we did on Sunday. I prefer the Intro A side saddle and the B is a bit harder to ride aside but we didn't do too badly! I can see how my left shoulder has come up though and how I'm sitting crooked at some points.

Good news! I'm having a side saddle lesson with Lili Brooksby next week! She emailed me back and we arranged a time so hopefully she will be able to whip me into shape. Yippee!!


  1. Beautiful! A job VERY well done!!!

  2. You have an award waiting at my blog!