Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Why Ebay Is Bad For you..

Because it makes you spend!

I bought a vintage riding habit on there the other day and it finally came. I didn't expect it to fit but it was cheap and thought if it didn't (which it probably wouldn't as most vintage habits are too short for me), I could resell it and at least get the money back that I paid for it.

Well, wouldn't you just know that as soon as I tried the darn thing on, it fit. Very well. Very well indeed!

Excuse the rubbish photos, they are from the auction. I'll take better ones when I'm not so tired.

It's from the Moss Bros, the famous London suit makers and was made on September 27 1934 for a Mrs. Carl.

Moss Bros. used to make men's and women's sportswear like riding clothes until the 1960's and even sold tack. Unfortunately, they only seem to deal in men's suits now which is a shame as the few vintage habits I have seen of theirs, have been lovely.

The habit was most likely made for hunting as it has some repairs and is made from medium weight navy blue melton with the jacket being lined in black rayon satin. The apron is partially lined in cotton twill with the left side edge having a nifty button back fastening to that when not mounted, the apron wraps around nicely like a skirt around you but when mounted, it folds and buttons back on the underside! Hard to explain but I will take photos.

Mrs. Carl must have been the same height and build as me (it's too bad I don't have her saddle!) and the habit fits better than my current black Calcutt & Sons habit which is also a proper hunting one.

I really like my black cutaway habit but I've always found the sleeves a bit short for me and the bust/shoulders a tiny bit tight. Whoever my black one was made for, she had slightly smaller shoulders and was a bit less bustier than me! It fits ok but the Moss Bros one is more comfortable as there is more room in the shoulders. Strangely, the sleeves measure the same on both jackets but I suppose because the Moss Bros one has slightly wider shoulders, it doesn't cause the sleeves to ride up on me.

There is no point in keeping both habits but I will wait to next month for the next dressage show to see how the Moss Bros habit rides and make my final decision on which one to definitely keep then!


  1. What a lucky find!! Can't wait to see more photos.

  2. Yea!!! It all comes together eventually.