Sunday, 13 February 2011

Our Plan For This Summer, Part Two....

One of the other shows Josie and I would like to go to are run by Diamond Equestrian. They do dressage, clear round jumping and small eventing shows but these would be a bit difficult for us to get to without transportation as they are often held in the week (although the dressage shows are sometimes held on Sundays). The show we would REALLY love to do is the big Fun Show that they hold at the end of August. this was the schedule for it last year but it's pretty much the same every year.

I'd like to do Class 1 - Clear Round Jumping, with poles on the 1st hole as a fun warm up for me and Hattie (but only if I end up with a side saddle reinforced for jumping) and then it's showing on the flat classes for me afterwards with us trying our luck in Class 9 - Best turned out (ridden), Class 10 - Best condition (in hand), Class 13 - Riding club horse/pony (ridden) and Class 18 - Prettist mare (ridden or in hand).

We would do the same as for the South Kilworth shows with me hacking Hattie to the show astride and then changing to side saddle at the show. My husband would meet us there like at the South kilworth shows with all our stuff!

Since Josie lives halfway between our stables and the show, we would bring Hattie and Jacob to her house the evening before and they can stay in her large backyard overnight (subject to her parent's permission, LOL!) and I would section off a stall sized area for each of them with electric fencing. He dad says as long as it doesn't rain, then they can go in there! Hopefully we will get nice weather as it would only take us an hour to get to the show from her house...

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If not, then we'll hack straight from our stables to the show and would take us about 1 and 45 minutes to 2 hours to get there.

I just hope I have a side saddle by the time all these shows start as I'm starting to get a bit disillusioned with saddle shopping at the moment. I just want to RIDE my horse and it seems that everytime my riding starts progressing, that I end up having some kind of "saddle crisis" and then go back to square one.



  1. Has the new offside been found wanting, or is it still out for repair? Don't give up!!! I really admire your scheme for hacking to the shows. I think I'd be too tuckered at the end of the day to come back! Then again, the horses would probably do it on autopilot.

  2. Nope, it's still at the saddler's. I really have to call him to find out when he'll be done with it!!