Saturday, 12 February 2011

Our Plan For This Summer...

Since I do not have any transport to get to shows, no driver's license and no 4x4 to tow a trailer even if I rent a horse trailer, Josie and I have decided that we are going to hack Hattie and Jacob to the two local shows that are fairly nearby. We are fed up with everyone else getting to go to shows and us just being stuck at home while the others get to have fun.

With all the time and money I spend on Hattie (schooling, lessons and tack), it just seems like a bit of a waste if all we get to do is hack out and go to the dressage shows down the lane from us which are mostly only held during the winter months anyways when I don't get to ride and school as much!

Unfortunately, one of the shows (a good and fun one too) is exactly 10 miles away from us. Here is our route to the field where the show is held:

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It is the South Kilworth Riding Club show and they have all sorts of classes from show jumping to "Family Horse & Pony" classes. I went to the South Kilworth show last year in a friend's borrowed trailer and we did the clear round jumping class side saddle but this year, I may try our luck in the Showing classes and do the "FAMILY HORSE/PONY" and "STYLE & APPEARANCE" classes and MAYBE the "RIDING CLUB HORSE OVER 15HH" and "RIDDEN HUNTER (exc 15hh)" classes if they don't involve jumping (which sometimes they do and the jumps are usually set at about 2' or a little bigger).

With the Ridden Hunter class, sometimes the judge rides and if they don't ride side saddle, I would need to provide an astride saddle which all I have is a tan close contact saddle which isn't really appropriate for a UK hunter class!

Those are the ridden classes (I would do those side saddle) but I would also probably do some inhand showing classes as well like the "BEST CONDITION" and the "HUNTER TYPE IN HAND" classes.

There are four South Kilworth shows and they also have some fun classes which they change at each show. Last year they did "Prettiest Mare" at one show and "Best Turned Out" at another. We'd do those too as well at having a go at the Clear Round class if whatever side saddle I happen to have then, is reinforced for jumping (I'd only do 1' little jumps).

The South Kilowrth show would take us 3 1/2 hours to get there at a walk and we'd have to leave out at about 5:30- 5:45 am to get to the show in good time as it starts at 9:30am. The show is always on a Sunday so the roads wouldn't be too bad that time of morning and shouldn't be that busy on a Sunday afternoon when we come back anyways.

There are grass verges at the side of the road for us to walk on away from the cars but we would also be wearing hi-viz equipment to make ourselves as visible as possible to cars! I plan on ordering a bunch of pink hi-viz stuff from V-Bandz, I already have their pink reflective noseband cover and would also wear my back protector our hacking as well.

My husband would meet us at the show with the car fully stocked with hay and water for the horses, food and drinks for us, my side saddle and show clothes for Josie and I as well as mounting block, water bucket, halters, grooming and first aid kits.

I'm going to ride Hattie to the show and back in my astride saddle to save her back (and mine) so that I can post to the trot over the long distances and in case I want to get off and walk on foot for a bit. I'll wear my dark breeches that match my habit and my show shirt hacking but won't bother with the jacket as it will be late spring and summer that the shows are held in.

Weather will be important as well as we will not bother if it's raining (the show would probably be cancelled anyways as it is on grass) and if it looks like it's going to be a scorcher, then forget it too as I don't fancy all 4 of us getting heat stroke 10 miles from home!

More about the 2nd show we plan on going to in my next post...


  1. After showing there a few times, you could try competitive trail, or endurance too! That's a LOT of riding in 1 day.

  2. If we aren't fit at the beginning of summer, then we'll sure will be at the end!

  3. Good for you! I think that's great you're still going to get to do some showing! Where there's a will, there's a way! Maybe you'll be lucky and find someone going your way (or home) and they'll give you and Hattie a lift?

  4. LOL, that would be good Michelle but they'd have to have two extra spaces in their trailer as Josie would be bringing Jacob and she's only 13 and too young to ride that distance on her own.
    One day I'll get some transport!

  5. I just worked it out and I do about 7 miles a day, 5 days a week on my bike going to the stables andto and from my school's school (which is also where I work). So it works out going to my son's school 10 times (it's exactly 1 mile from my house to his school). If I can do nearly 10 miles on my bike, I can do that easily riding Hattie. I knew riding my bike would keep me fit for riding! :-)