Saturday, 19 March 2011

Back From the Abyss...

It's been a rough couple of weeks due to stuff at work, stuff with my business, no side saddles back from the saddlers yet, Hattie going lame in the back due to a pressure sore on her withers (my close contact saddle no longer fits her) and my son breaking his arm going skating with the Cub Scouts!!

I started riding astride, even did a couple of clear round jumping classes at a recent show (only 1' baby jumps but still, it was terrifying for me!) and was planning on doing a Prelim class at the dressage show next week as our flat work and canter transitions were coming along. Then one day I took off Hattie's saddle and lo and behold was a big swollen blister of a pressure sore at the left side of her withers.

My close contact saddle had always been a little big for her but with a Wintec front riser pad, it fit good and never moved on her despite every other saddle shifting forward on her. Unfortunately, Hattie lost her excess blubber over the winter and she fittened up quite nicely with the flat work that Lili gave us so the saddle became too big and dropped down causing the Wintec riser to rub a sore spot on her withers.

I stopped working her (only lunging now) and have been putting Arnica on the spot and have the vet coming out on Monday to have a look (it's going down a little bit day by day though). It's just so frustrating as always when our riding starts to improve, something happens that puts us back to square one. I'm always the "perpetual novice" due to constant set backs and it's getting to be VERY ANNOYING!

The stuff with work has passed and my son likes showing off his new fangled splint cast, Hattie is on the mend and I'm currently looking for a new astride saddle (probably will go with a Thorowgood T4 or T6 High Wither saddle with changeable gullet as they can be flocked and the new ones have point straps on them which Hattie needs) so all is not so bad now.

I've also decided to start a new venture with my existing business and combine my love of vintage clothing and side saddle riding and open up my own side saddlery!

In my travels with looking for vintage stock, I often come across side saddle things so decided to combine both. I'm still going to sell vintage clothing as I get many side saddle riders shop with me for things to add to their costumes for costume classes, but now have a dedicated category on my site with side saddle things for easy searching like habits, accessories and tack!! I have three side saddles waiting in the wings to go up too along with some other bits and bobs that I've accumulated over the years.

After 11 years of running my antique and vintage clothing business (and 20 years+ of collecting "stuff"), I felt that it needed an injection of something new and different so am really excited about my new venture!

We have a dressage show tomorrow and Josie has kindly ride her pony, Jacob, in it so it should be interesting to see what comments the judge gives us as I'm 5'9" and he's 14.1hh!


  1. I think the idea of a side saddlery business is a great one. As they say, do what you love and love what you do. Since you do so much aside related shopping you might as well make it your profession!

    I've been through the pressure sore problem myself, and I was racked with guilt over it.

  2. I know, I feel really bad about Hattie's sore. It happened so quick though, one minute the saddle fit, the next minute it didn't. I had a look at the saddle afterwards and you could see where it dropped down and was rubbing. Unfortunately, it's foam flocked so I can't even get it flocked up to make it narrower.