Monday, 28 March 2011

Booted Back to Square One...Again...

It has not been a very good week, infact it's gone from bad to worse....

Had the vet out this past Monday to look at Hattie's pressure bump and the vet said that he didn't think it was infected or had any puss inside of it but more of an "underskin blister". Hattie is not in pain with it and she started to fall asleep when he was feeling the bump. The vet said that the bone was not damaged which was good news, and to keep doing what I've been doing (massaging it with Arnica cream) and also to keep an eye on it in case it's gets painful or gets worse. The bad news is that I won't be able to ride Hattie for 2-3 weeks until the bump heals flat.

I've got the saddler coming out this Wednesday to measure Hattie for a Kent & Masters adjustable saddle. They are made by Thorowgood but are the leather model and have flatter panels that Wintecs do, a nice wide comfortable gullet channel to clear the spine, cut back pommels and point straps which Hattie needs! I'm going to get the GPD (General Purpose Dressage) model as I can still jump in it but it doesn't have as forward placed flaps to annoy Hattie.

All was going ok until Saturday when Lil' B*st*rd Pony (LBP), Jacob, decided to double barrel me in the back!!!

I went in the paddock to get him for Josie and because of the way he was standing while eating his hay, I couldn't go in front of him but had to go around the back.

I've been around horses long enough to know that you don't pass right up behind a horse if you have to go at the back of them but to give them a wide berth just in case they strike out with their hoof.

Well, LBP decided that no one was going to take him away from his hay and make him work so he literally trotted backwards as I was passing behind and gave me a double barrelled kick.

I have a big back bruise on my bum (luckily I have a fat bum, sometimes it's a good thing being overweight!) but he also got my upper back right under my shoulder blade slightly to my right side. I have to go see the doctor today as I can't lay down to sleep and it hurts more than when I broke my rib last time. Can't cough, sneeze, laugh or take deep breaths either and my right arm feels a bit funny so I'm not happy at all.

I REALLY could do without another 2 month recovery as the shows are starting soon!!!


  1. Oh no!!! Sorry to hear that Leila! I hope you heal quickly!

  2. Oh bugger! It does sound like a cracked rib though :( I had pnuemonia years ago & broke a rib coughing and was out of action for 6 weeks. Hope you & Hattie get better soon :)

  3. I guess if you both have to be laid up it's just as well it's simultaneous. One of my vet techs used to say that ponies were so bad because the evil is more concentrated!

    Perhaps some shopping therapy is warranted.

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  5. Thanks for the support guys! LOL, I have done some shopping therapy (new saddle, new dress, new shoes!) and I suppose it's best if me and Hattie are "broken" at the same time!

    Yes Robin, I truly believe now that ponies are evil!!

  6. I had a black shetland who had that concentrated evil. But my welsh cob was a super sweety, full of spirit. He had no patience for bad riders, he'd just stop suddenly and let them fall off. But he never kicked, or behaved badly around his food. I can't even remember him ever pinning his ears back. So I've been visualizing your Jacob like my Bombay, just bigger.
    Once I went to look at a little black shetland for sale. I was on one side of the fence while the pony stood ON a flake of hay while eating it. The pony stuck it's head between the electrified tapes and tried to bite my shin. Cute little demon.
    Best wishes to you and Hattie.

  7. Hope you are feeling better by now! I had a colt kick me square in the behind once... and it was on the morning of a show. Cannot tell you how badly it hurt to post the trot that day!!

  8. My rib is feeling a bit better now so that is good but it hurts to lift things and it's not comfy to sleep! It's been Vicks VapoBaths all week for me!