Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Side Saddle Scam Alert

It has come to my attention that on the various free ad websites like Gumtree, Loot and Adoos (and probably others that I don't know about), that my black one-of-a-kind Barry Swain side saddle that I sold on Ebay, is being sold by someone in London using MY photos.

Only one of these saddles was ever made as Barry Swain made it on a vintage tree, it is the only one of it's kind and it was bought by a nice lady in Europe for her VERY wide horse which she said fits it perfectly. She has no intention of selling it either!

I reported the Gumtree and the Loot ad but can't find a way to report the Adoos one but please, if anyone is considering buying the Barry Swain saddle from any ad site, DON'T, as you will be scammed.

I've done some screen shots of the ads to warn people:

Gumtree side saddle scam ad:

Adoos side saddle cam ad:

Loot side saddle scam ad:


  1. Wonder if it's the same scammer that periodically posts the offside Owen?

  2. Probably, they are always in "London", that Owen is a London ad too. They always post the side saddles that go for a good price on Ebay. I remember when that off-side Owen was on Ebay, I think it went for £3000 or something like that? It was high anwyays.

  3. There was one on eBay recently that had lifted the photos off the Sidesaddlery's website of a lovely bright tan coloured C&W that was in brand new condition. It stuck in my mind because it has an outside girthing system and it was so pristine looking, and when I double checked the photos were identical :(

  4. And they spelled Haringey wrong too in the 2nd ad. They are probably from Nigeria and use a London location so that it looks more legit.

  5. I think that C&W auction was legit as the Side Saddlery sold that lovely saddle to someone in England. I remember the original auction as she said that she had bought it from the Side Saddlery but that she couldn't get on with it or something like that (she used the Side Saddlery photos too in her auction).
    The person with the recent C&W auction must of bought it from her and was too lazy to take their own photos.
    I liked that saddle too but it was too wide for Hattie.

  6. Bugger then! I thought it was dodgy as it was a brand new trader and the photos were the same.

    I'm thinking my best option is going to be a sidesaddle with a couple of wykham pads that I can change when Molly changes shape, I just have to sell one of my children first...! lol

    Found this Blog and a few days ago it had pics of ladies mounted on western sidesaddles.

  8. Hi everyone, Would you please note that the Swain side saddle I am selling on Gumtree (Australia) and is NOT this saddle, but a Swain I recently purchased from Linda Flemmer. I am having to sell this as it is too short for my leg and I have bought a lovely Mayhew replacement.

    1. Yes, my black Swain was the only one made like it