Sunday, 3 April 2011

Cute Pony Alert!

He's the devil in disguise but you can't help but love Jacob (even if he did double barrel me), especially when he's in a side saddle.

We took these photos of the other week of him in the 19 1/2"  (UK 15 1/2") extra wide Swain I got. Josie and I schooled him for 20 minutes in it (Josie 10 minutes, me the other 10 minutes) before deciding that he would do the dressage show in it the next day as he was such a good boy!

It is ever so slightly too narrow in the gullet for him (it's just shy of being an extra, extra wide tree which he needs) but the tree points are wide enough and he didn't seem to mind it one bit. Like the black Swain I had, Barry Swain built this one on a vintage tree as well and replaced the old roller bar fitting with a normal standard stirrup bar for safety. It's got a bit of a sweepy seat but not as sweepy as my black Swain had but still very comfy to ride in.

LOL, I used Hattie's 50" girth on him but it was too short by about 4" despite him being 14.1hh and Hattie being 15.3hh! Luckily I had a girth extender handy!!

Check out the beautiful buffalo hide pattern on the leather!


  1. What an adorable little guy he is! He doesn't look like the type to give out a double-barrel boot like that...looks lovely in the saddle though!

  2. I recently saw a photo of the queen still riding in her 80's and looks like she's switched to nice chubby cobs in her old age. She still has a good seat too :-)
    One thing you have in the UK is lots of great ponies and cobs! I look forward to more posts about Jacob. I bet you could stuff a sofa with his winter coat.

  3. Wow that is a gorgeous saddle!

  4. Oh myyyyy - what big barrels he has too!!! OUCH! He is a cutie though.