Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I've Gone And Done it, The C&C Side Saddlery is OPEN

Fed up with Hattie and I being "broken", my side saddles being away at the saddlers and not being able to ride, I went and made my own little side saddlery on my vintage clothing site. I'm no Laura Dempsey when it comes to saddle fitting and repair but I've got WAY too much stuff here and only have one horse so took the plunge and now Corsets and Crinolines has it's own side saddlery section on the website.

It will be stocked with side saddle odds and ends I come across in my travels and stuff I don't need (still deciding whether to keep an off-side apron I bought which has a 28" waist in the hopes of getting down from a 34" waist!!!).

One of the things I have decided to part with (with a very heavy heart too as I'll probably end up needing it one day!), is a vintage Champion & Wilton side saddle numnah of which I have never seen another.

The date is unknown but C&W list them in their 1938- 1939 catalog (shown here) for £2 and 10 shillings but there are similar ones are listed in the late 1880's Mosemans catalog from the US but for astride saddles.


  1. I think I may need to place some orders with you. :)

  2. Leila, do you have any numnahs in stock that are nice enough to show in? My manorgrove is 18" UK measurement.

  3. Numnahs are on their way to you Robin! :) I've got one of each color for Hattie's saddles and I'm going to use the white one for dressage and the brown one for showing classes.