Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia

Not much going on horse or side saddle wise lately as Hattie still has her bump on her withers and my saddles still aren't back yet from the saddlers. I'm going to call the vet this week to see if they can come back out when I'm off work next week and maybe see if they can give her an anti-inflammatory for me to put on the bump as it's gone down a little bit over the past 3 weeks but not alot.

It's not squishy but feels kind of solid-ish, it feels exactly how my bad bruise feels like that Jacob gave me when he booted me but there is no pain with it and Hattie quite likes me rubbing it when I massage the arnica cream into it! Her eyes start to close!!

I called the saddler too to see how my saddles are doing and he'll be bringing me my Whippy over the Easter holidays (all it needed was all the billets replacing) but fitting my off-side side saddle will have to wait until that bump goes on Hattie.

Bad news about the South Kilworth show that we had been planning on hacking the 10 miles to. They changed their venue this year to the beautiful Stanford Hall.

Although Stanford Hall is only 15 miles away, it may as well be 100 miles as riding there would require us to ride over cattle grids, jump locked 5 bar gates or ride down the M1 motorway!! So with not having any transport, that show is out. It sucks not being able to drive.

I put some side saddle Ebay auctions up on Sunday night, my lovely Swain and a rare c. 1870's- 1880's travelling side saddle along with other side saddle bits and bobs.

It has D's on the off-side flap for attaching bags, etc to it. Note the grab horn! It's very narrow however, I tried it on Hattie and it was just perched on her.

While on Ebay tonight, I came across an auction for an Edwardian postcard of Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia (13 September 1892 – 11 December 1980) riding side saddle dressed in her ceremonial uniform as Commander of the Leib-Husarenregiment No.2.

A history of Princess Louise (or Luise in German) along with other photos, can be found on Wikipedia.

I found a c. 1912 postcard of her riding side saddle:

Her Champion & Wilton side saddle was offered in 2006 by a Munich auction house. I was going to bid at the time but with an estimate of €1,500 - €2,250, I gave up trying to bid!!
The auction house seemed to have been a bit confused as to where the stirrup was supposed to be attached...

Her royal insignia on a label glued onto the gullet lining of the saddle. The auction house gave this description of the saddle:
"An English side saddle made by Champion and Wilton London. There is a label stuck to the underside with the impressed crowned cipher "V" and the typed designation: "S. Nr. 2 LHR2 Inv. Nr. 14.
Victoria was the proprietress of the Leib-Husarenregiment No. 2, and in this role, she wore the regimental uniform and occasionally led the regiment on parade. The inventory label shows that this saddle belong to her equipment as commander of the Leib-Husarenregiment No.2."

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  1. Interesting post - sorry to hear about your show though.. hope Hattie feels better soon.