Sunday, 17 April 2011

Side Saddle Stuff for Sale!

In the spirit of sharing side saddle info (and the fact that Jessica from Tacky Tack of the Day emailed me!), I decided that my blog entry today would helpt hose looking for side saddle tack, buy some side saddle tack!

I came across this Craigslist ad for a redone off-side side saddle and although I do not know this person and cannot vouch for them, for $950, it may be worth checking out if you are in the Denver, USA area. I would if I lived closer!

Here are the photos if you are not able to view the ad. According to the seller, it's marked "Wilton" so is probably a Champion & Wilton, medium width and was recovered with synthetic material from England (maybe the stuff Thorowgood uses?).

Jessica who writes the interesting and often hilarious Tacky Tack of the Day blog, is selling her side saddle shaped Cashel cushion for $50.00 US (only used 3 times and sell for $65.00 US new) and a 46" tan English leather 3 fold girth (only used a few times) for $70.00 US (retail new for $85.00). She ships internationally and her email address can be found on her blog if anyone is interested.

I've got a lovely Mears Pytchley cutaway side saddle jacket made from black wool with a velvet collar. I bought it on Ebay but the seller neglected to mention that the sleeves had been altered for someone ALOT shorter than me. The sleeves are 5" too short and I'm 5'9" so would suit someone 5'4" and under. It's a good size too, I'm a UK size 16 (a US 14) and this fits me perfectly except the sleeves! It's the same as the County model that Mears makes but has a velvet collar instead of a plain. I paid £34.01 for it including shipping on Ebay and would be happy to get that back for it (plus shipping).

This is the County model but mine has a velvet collar and is black:

I also have the current Side Saddle Association For Sale list if anyone wants it forwarding it to them. There are side saddles in size 13" to 17 1/2" along with a couple of habits and accessories.


  1. The pommels - especially the leaping head - look off in a very Paki way. Wonder what's up with that?
    Wilton held patents on his own, or it could be an unrelated saddler. It's also a cake pan company, ya know. :)
    The synthetic is one of those things that seemed like a good idea at the time, I'm sure. I'd really really want a look at that thing in person.... Happy with mine! :)

  2. I agree, it looks a bit odd. Could be just the angle the photo was taken from? I'd definitely want to look at it in person before buying. Could be a steal for $950 though!

  3. I was also thinking those pommels didn't look normal. I'm also unsure how well you'd stick to a synthetic, plus, do they have the weight you need to keep it in place? Side saddles do need some heft, plus you really want them to break in to fit you, something synthetics don't do.

  4. I personaly know who got the off side sidesaddle. So, yes it is sold.

    I even got to take it for a spin this weekend! I have always wanted to try riding on the off side! I was great!

    I also thought the pommels looked off, but it rode like a dream!

    It is made on a C&W tree. The sythetic left a little to be desired. It is very similar to Thorowgood.

    The best part is that the lady who bought it is having a MUCH better time riding on the off side!!!

    I am still kicking myself that I didn't find that gem!

  5. The fixed head looks similar in placement to my Beck Morrow and I reckon the leaping head was probably re-bent for someone with a larger thigh??

    I'm glad it's gone to someone who appreciates it and it using it. I wonder if some horses just like the off-side more? I know Hattie goes better with an off-side saddle- my saddler noticed this and even Lili my instructor, said Hattie was alot more forward in it.

    Hmmm, I wonder too, if it was some sort of Thorowgood prototype before they made their Millenium side saddle 11 years ago?

  6. Hi Have you still got the jacket for sale thanks Melissa.

  7. Hi Melissa, sorry no- I ended up selling it on Ebay this summer.

  8. Hi Has anyone got a childs side saddle habit. I'm desparet daughter (tall 11 year old) has just started side saddle and is already hooked. Need it if we are going to show this year ss. At present considering to pull a curtain trick AKA Scarlet O' Hara however I can sew, you can contact me on (shona)07535425303, would prefer a navy one but will consider any.

  9. Hi, I have recently purchased a Swain from the USA, which doesnt have a billet for the balance strap on the near side.
    Did the Swain you used to have (and sold on Ebay) have only 3 billets on the near side? How did you attach the balance girth?
    Thanks for your advice.