Monday, 30 May 2011

We jumped!

Well, sort of...trotted over some little 1' fences yesterday! And I didn't come off!

Never ask a teenager to take your photo as you just end up getting your head chopped off and getting it taken too late. Well, this photo (minus my helmet) shows us just after we jumped but at least it shows me still in the saddle and not on the floor with a broken rib, LOL!

My Whippy is REALLY secure to jump in (well, to do anything in for that matter!) and I really regret not looking for a Whippy a long time ago for Hattie as this saddle does not move on her and gives me a really secure position.

We had some good riding this weekend, did some schooling 20- 30 minute on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but she was SO lazy on Sunday due to being in season and kept wanting to go to the fence to show Jacob her bum and pee. I REALLY had to get after her yesterday and growled and drove her forward with my seat like a cowboy riding hell for leather as she did not want to go away from Jacob!!

After schooling, we went on a hack and she was more forward then and we cantered along the grass verges and were jumping the little drain ditches at the canter that run across the verge. That was fun and it was doing that which gave me the "jumping bug" to try some diddy fences when we got home. I may start incorporating tiny jumps and more trotting poles into our schooling again but nothing higher than 1' at the moment and then maybe 1'6" when we get into our groove again after being out of work for so long.

My new three fold girth from Robert Jenkins came on Saturday as well and it's beautiful! I had him make me a size 52 1/2" and it fits Hattie really well. I really rate Robert Jenkin's girth as they are so soft and well made, they never give Hattie rubs either.

Hattie modelling her new girth after schooling on Saturday...

Her bump has really gone down as well and I don't need to use a pad underneath her saddle either now, it's just a scab or callous under the hair which is peeling off slowly. I still put the creme on however, to keep down any left over swelling (so far there has been none anyways) and to keep the scab soft so that it peels off. You can see in the photo (I circled it to show where it is/was) that it doesn't touch the panel of the saddle.

The one and only Hattie!


  1. Well - if I were going over a jump.. I might not want a picture of the expression I was making (or an image of the word that might be coming out of my mouth!!) You look wonderful .. and brave!!

  2. hey,, Where did You Buy Your Side Saddle I would Like To try it And I Need A side Saddle For That !! Please reply on facebook? Flo Coe

  3. I bought it from Sandon Saddlery here in the UK but there was only one like it as it's from the 1930's. If you have never tried side saddle riding before, then it would be best if you had lessons first to see if you even like it before spending ££££'s on a side saddle!