Wednesday, 29 June 2011

*SOLD* 17 1/4" (21 1/2" US) Medium Fit Mayhew Lissadell For Sale

On it's way to it's lovely new home in Michigan with Jeanne!

For sale is my lovely Mayhew Lissadell side saddle. It has a 17 1/4" seat from cutback to cantle (or 21 1/2" from front of fixed head to cantle) and is about 13 1/2" wide across the seat (VERY comfy!). Doeskin pommels and pigskin seat with a Mayhew stirrup safety bar. It is a good solid medium fit as it fits my Thoroughbred mare who has a bit of bone and carries some weight and who usually takes a medium in normal saddles. Will not fit a round no withered cob type.
Mayhew Lissadells are desirable saddles as they were built for hunting. The date on mine is from 1905. I was going to use mine for dressage as it puts me in a nice seat for equitation.

I was going to save up and get this saddle refurbished in the autumn as it fits my mare really well and fits my rather large bottom well but I am facing possibility of a large vet bill due to my mare's evil pony field mate kicking her in the hind leg. Also, I can't justify having two side saddles when I have one riding horse!

The saddle needs all new girth straps (this goes without saying for any used side saddle), the panels need new linen placed over the old moth eaten serge and the tip of the nearside tree point needs building up against as the edge has chipped off. My saddler, Leo Wright Saddlery, says that this is common with the long nearside tree points and that he is able to fix this (and everything else, no problem). Leo does excellent work and can fix anything on a side saddle for reasonable prices, I was going to have him do the work on this. Saddles can be posted to him as well for repair. The saddle will also need to be reflocked for your own horse (again, this is the same for any side saddle).

I am asking £650. The saddle can be seen or tried here in South Leicestershire. I can also ship anywhere at cost.

You can email me at crinolinegirl @ (please remove the space before and after the @ symbol).

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