Sunday, 5 June 2011

Horse Show Report!

I am absolutely knackered tonight from showing today (and hacking 6 1/2 miles there and 6 1/2 miles back bareback) but here are some photos courtesy of my ever obliging husband of our show today.

We were the only side saddle rider there and did Tack & Turnout and Style & Appearance aside were we got 2nds in both classes and then for the inhand classes, we got 2nd for Best Condition, 1st for Best Handler and 3rd for "Horse The Judge Would Most Like to Take Home".

Hattie was a bit wappy due to the strong wind and geldings when we got to the show and wanted to buck and gallop back to the trailer park where all the horses were so had to take her in a remote part of the field and work her in before our class. We did lots of circles and walk/trot/canter transitions but unfortunately, because I had to work her in hard, she scurfed up a bit under the panels so we lost marks in the Tack & Turnout for that. I also lost marks for there being 77 year old horse sweat/grease marks on the edge of my apron seam. These are ground into the fabric where it's worn out over the years so not quite sure what to do about that!!

For Style and Appearance, our transitions were spot on but we lost marks due to Hattie overbending sometimes due to her wappiness and her mind being on the geldings in the car park. She schools nicely at home but at shows, her mind is elsewhere!

All in all, a VERY good day and I hope encouraged some other ladies to ride side saddle today as we had an audience and heard "oo's and ah's" as I was cantering around in our classes!

Hattie and Samson, one of her MANY boyfriends...

Some scenes from today...

Tack & Turnout..

Hattie thinking "What's that? Is that for me??"

Quickly brushing scurf off before the start of the next class!

Our individual show in Style & Appearance...


  1. Well done! I was wondering what you had been up to lately. And love the quater marks :)

  2. Thanks Anita! :) My son has been off school for half term this week so I have been so busy with everything. It's a slightly easier show this coming weekend so am going to relax this week :)

  3. You guys looked great! Well done.