Saturday, 25 June 2011

Jumping in the Rain!

As usual it's raining here in England. Those two weeks of hot weather we had in April was our summer so now it's gone back to perma-spring/autumn for the rest of the year. Regardless, one much ride on so Hattie and I braved the rain and went on a nice hack with canters along the grass verges and a trot through the ford river! We didn't school as it was Hattie's day off from schooling before the show tomorrow but I did "reward" Hattie with a few jumps at the end of our hack as I know she was itching to jump and so was I!

We did a couple on both reins, I got a little left behind on the first one (my right toe has come up) but not nearly as bad as before...

Our second jump was alot better...

and I think by the third time, we got it down pat!


  1. Is it difficult to learn to jump sidesaddle? I'm a non-jumper, at most Molly and I potter over cavaletti to about 30cm astride, but I'd love to pop over some wee fences aside. And because you keep posting your jumping pics I'm going out into the paddock today to lay out some poles to make a start...!

    And good luck at the show tomorrow :)

  2. It's hard if your horse has a big jump like Hattie as you can't get forward enough like I can in a normal saddle. That's why I'm so glad I had a "lighbulb" moment and figured out how to ride Hattie's jump aside as it was hard, scary work beforehand!!