Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Online Horse Show Side Saddle Class

How would you all feel about a side saddle class in an online horse show?

The organizers of Horse Shows Online have asked if anyone has any suggestions of classes they could add in future shows and I suggested a side saddle class. They said that they would love to offer a side saddle class but didn't think too many people rode side saddle and if there would be enough interest in it.

I said that I would put a post on my blog and find out!

Although it is a UK website, they do allow people from other countries to enter but they mentioned to me that international competitors would have to pay a slightly higher entry fee to cover the postage to send any rosettes by airmail. All you need is a nice photo and a Paypal account. The photo doesn't even need to be taken at a show so even those that are unable to attend real horse shows for whatever reason, can enter. Just turn you and your horse out to the 9's, take a snap and email it!

So how about it? If everyone could let me know what they think so I can get back to the organizers with approximate numbers, that would be great.


  1. Great idea, looking at all the side saddle friends I have on FB around the world with the right exposure there could be loads! Caroline

  2. You mean they really do that? LOL! I suggested photo showing years ago! With as many stallions whose careers are based on one good photo, I think the show horses should have equal opportunity!!!

    That's right up my alley. No packing, no trailering, no chance of rain.


  3. I love the sound of that! No more early starts and searching for my horse in the pitch dark paddock. I'm sure she stands in the far corner and giggles when I can't find her... lol

  4. I already have a photo! I'd be up for it!

  5. This is great guys! I knew there would be interest :)

  6. I'll take pictures as soon as my saddle arrives if that helps!!!

    But is it a show ( and would that mean I'd need to take pictures in offical attire?) or do you just want pictures in whatever ( because I have a lovely self-made southern civil-war inspired thea party dress in gold silk that just screams side saddle XD)
    x lieke

  7. Um, really all they should need to do is a "side saddle" image search on Google and they'd have their answer.... Aside riders are notorious camera hounds! :) Now, how much would we pay to enter a photo show? I dunno, but I'd probably do it once or twice for grins. Though I don't see myself making a hobby of it.

  8. It's £3 a class if you are in the UK but a little bit more for international (not that much more though). They have a Facebook page where you can ask questions etc:

    Lieke, I think the judges would be looking for traditional side saddle attire but your best to ask them on Facebook to be sure :)

  9. aw bollocks,

    I think there should be a class for "Most excited about her new side saddle and willing to exploit every opportunity to show it off...and from Holland" :D

    I'll check the page ;)

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