Monday, 6 June 2011

Side Saddle Sursingles

I used to have a stereoview photo many moons ago in my collection of a lady riding a rearing horse side saddle but with only a sursingle! I STUPIDLY sold it on Ebay as I only wanted images of "proper" side saddles but later on after I sold it, I discovered who it was in the photo and that it was indeed a side saddle she was riding in. Grrr....

I found out that the photo was taken in 1889 and that her name was Emma Lake and she was the step-daughter of Wild Bill Hickok.

I had never seen a side saddle sursingle (or roller as it's called in the UK) before and then came across one on Nick Creaton's website and discovered that they were used for bareback riding and circus riding.

I have in my collection, a couple of postcards from the 1911 Lady Godiva procession which was held every year in Coventry here in the UK showing Lady Godiva riding her horse in a side saddle bareback pad and I was extremely lucky to find an image of the actual sursingle she rode in!

Since I ride side saddle AND bareback, wouldn't it be nice if I could find one of these elusive pieces of tack???

Hee hee!! ;-)


  1. There's a saddler in France that has them for sale on his website.

  2. Would love to see the website if he has one Robin!

  3. one sold twice on ebay afew years ago. the first person who bought to sold it after she found it did not fit her horse (but she did concider cutting and altering it, the horror). I have some photos on my computer if it from ebay I think.

  4. Firefly, I'd love to see those Ebay photos if you still have them?

    Robin, do you know the URL of that French site?

    URL for side saddle surcingle