Friday, 22 July 2011

Austrian Side Saddle For Sale

I received an email the other day (shown below) from Larry who is selling his grandmother's side saddle. I think he is in the USA and the saddle looks beautiful so anyone interested can email him at funforpdx @ (take the space out before and after the @ symbol). It may be worth checking the saddle out if you are near him.

OK I am selling a side saddle that came from my grandmothers estate. I don't know that much about them I remember this as a kid and her using it a few times I know she had it for 60+ years since I saw pictures of her riding it in her 20's (she died at 88). The measurements are 21 3/4, x 14 1/4 the leather is in good shape, still supple and no cracking, it needs to be cleaned but since everyone has their own preference on how to do this I will let the buyer do it. It has a cover and iron, the marking on the saddle goes as follows best interpretation on some words due to fading or a bit of wear.

S.Wickede & Sohn
Gattler u Hemer
Kukih-u Armae Lieferanten
Praterstasae Aspeigasse No.3
u.Hejel Ifronprinz

I am asking $2500 US for it and can send additional photos and info if needed. any information you may know about this item is welcomed. Buyer pays shipping and handling and insurance if needed.


  1. What a neat find!!

  2. is it rude for me to say that I want the sidesaddle cover.. or one just like it? Do you know anyone whe could make one like this?

  3. You can get antique ones at Sandon Saddlery here in the UK but they were made for individual saddles and when I went through them, they were all tiny and/or moth eaten!

    Mike Huline-Dickens makes new ones to fit your own saddle though: