Monday, 18 July 2011

So Who is Going to the Nationals at Addington?

I'm looking so forward to going to the National Side Saddle Show this year at Addington! Unfortunately, I won't be showing (maybe next year if I can get Hattie whipped into shape, sort out some transportation and Hattie doesn't decide to injure herself??) but will be going to spectate and shop!!

Who else is going?

For those who have never been, here is an example of the some of more unusual things you get to see at the Nationals...

The shopping is good too as there is not only side saddle vendors (sadly I've been informed that Laura Dempsey won't be there this year), but other equestrian vendors as well. My FAVORITE show shirt brand, Teque-Style will have a stand there so hopefully I will be able to pick up another show shirt from them as I wear my other one to death! They fit me perfectly and the collars aren't baggy either.

LOL, I don't need a saddle this year as I'm sorted with my Whippy and my off-side one but I want to "upgrade" my riding habit to one that has longer sleeves as if I'm going to show next year at the Nationals (*fingers crossed*), I can't have a 2" gap between my wrists and my sleeve cuffs! I need 25" long sleeves, my lovely Moss Bros habit only has 23" long sleeves. Darn my freakishly log arms!!

I'm also looking forward to sitting on the grass with my cheeseburger with fried onions and watching the side saddle jumping!

Lets hope there are no wasps this year!


  1. Oh please take lots of photos to share! That would be really exciting to see. I would die to go shopping there too!!

  2. I will! :) Going to bring my camera and take as many photos as possible.

  3. Can I send a shopping list with you too?? LOL

  4. Fantastic video, and sounds like a great day (or more) out!

  5. Hi I'll be there with my friend and 'our' horse field and farm ebony. I started side saddle in march and ebony started in may so we are really new to it all! We are so excited to be going, if you see us come and say hi! We are there Friday and Saturday doing the novice classes.


  6. I wish I could go, but I'm on holiday helping out at a ponycamp on those days, I hope to go next year though!!! we have nothing similar in holland, even my mom's dying to go :D
    are there any other events like that in the UK coming up? we have our nationals in september and though I'm sure it's fun there won't be any shops as far as I know.