Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Before & After...

It's raining today and my back and hip are NOT happy at all. It seems that our 14 mile round trip hack took a toll on them. I wish I had my off-side side saddle back so that I could rest the right side if my body and still ride.

The farrier came early last week to shoe Jacob and I had my Beck Morrow leaping head ready for him to rebend to the shape of my Whippy head.

Before (the Beck Morrow head is on the left)...


He gave the Beck Morrow a more backwards sweep and opened it up by taking the extreme bend off of the tip. The head is longer than the Whippy head but Beck Morrow seems to have made their saddles with longer than average leaping heads.

When my saddler comes back to refit the panels, I'll let him deal with putting the leaping head cover back on!!

Just a reminder that there is a side saddle class being held this month at Horse Shows Online. International entries are welcome but there is an extra £1.50 charge. They take Paypal too! Entries close on August 31.


  1. Are there any online dressage classes do you know? If there isn't do you think there may be interest in one?

  2. There is Dressage Anywhere: http://www.dressageanywhere.com/
    and EquestrianStars Photoshows, has started doing one: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=138472939576444

    I like the idea but it's a pain in the butt to try and get someone to video you properly and you have to mark out your arena to the standard dressage test length which is also a pain in the butt.