Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Horsin' It Up Montreal Style! Part Two...

We went to the La Ronde amusement park the other day and I was surprised to see that they still have the old merry go round which was built in 1885!

They have moved it towards the back of the park and only families with kids are permitted to go on it now (I guess to save wear and tear on it caused by rowdy teenagers). It also moves ALOT slower than I remember it too but it was still fun to ride AND I got to ride it side saddle (off-side too!)...

To replace the antique merry go round so that everyone can ride on one, La Ronde has acquired a modern one which is now in the spot where the 1885 one originally stood. This new one moves a little bit faster (I stress the "little bit"), and because of our sue-crazy society and "health & safety" gone mad, it also requires you to wear a leather strap around your waist while mounted and the park attendants won't let you ride aside on the horses either (we tried).

My husband made the observation that it's probably MORE dangerous to wear the strap as if you do manage to fall off, then you are more likely to caught up underneath a horse moving up and down and not be able to roll clear of any dangerous situation. The strap is good for little children as long as they are attended by a parent (so they don't get strangled by the strap if they do fall off!) but for adults whose feet are able to touch the ground easily, we found it a daft and dangerous practice. Besides, if you are that unstable as an adult on a slow moving merry go round, then you probably shouldn't be on it!

A dorky looking me shot at an unflattering low angle with the dangerous strap...

We also went to a flea market this week to snag some bargains. It was VERY HOT that day and the flea market is held on asphalt so it was a bit of an endurance feat to go around and look at everything. I was hoping to find an old side saddle there but that was not to be! The only tack I found was a pink nylon halter, a western saddle, an outdated helmet from the 1980's and various driving harness parts.

It was fun looking at everything but what spoiled the day was the lack of regard for animals. There was a "backyard" dog breeder selling two puppies which were out in the full blazing sun laying on the asphalt with a little fence around them but without any shade or anything cooling to lay on- just hot, hard asphalt. They had a little bowl of water but the puppies were very lethargic and were just laying there. People were making comments but the sellers didn't seem to care.

There was some people giving pony rides to little kids at $3.00 a pop. The ponies looked in good condition and had little umbrellas attached onto the hot walker above their heads but due to the extreme heat and the height of the sun, the umbrellas didn't cast much shade on the ponies. I felt sorry for them as I wouldn't ridden Hattie out in such heat.

I did manage to find a Purina Mill this week though that had a little tack shop in it and bought Hattie a new set of pink crochet ear nets to keep her cool and fly free! Such a lucky horse to be getting all these new prezzies from Montreal :)


  1. So how hot was it? I usually ride when it's 30C here, if there's a breeze.

    You're right about the strap. That looks totally lame.

  2. I think it was about that here but it was humid too with no breeze and you know how hot it is when you are surrounded by concrete!

  3. The humidity + the ashphalt & heat is a nasty combination! I can deal with 30C in Alberta but 30C where there is tons of humidity, blah! No thanks!

    The carosel looks really neat! I agree though, I think the strap looks more dangerous than not! LOL

  4. I never understood the strap. When we were kids, my sister and I would smack each other with it. Seemed more useful for that than keeping us on the horse!