Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Better Day....

Today was a better hip and riding day. We practised some transitions, our individual show for the Riding Club Horse & Pony class on Sunday and jumped! Our whole schooling session lasted about 30 minutes which my hip didn't seem to mind and I finally got a light bulb moment while riding and felt my weight drop along my right thigh. I could feel Hattie's gait much easier and the lower part of me moved with Hattie while the top half of my stayed put. Parts of my field are bumpy and I felt so secure and was able to follow Hattie and sail with her over all the bumps.

After this light bulb moment, I felt brave and decided NOT to put the jump down to 1' but keep it at the 1'9" hole Josie had set it on the other day while schooling Jacob.

The jump set on the 1'9" holes...

Our first attempt (on the left canter lead), Hattie ran out on it as I was having a brain fart moment, didn't line her up properly for it and then panicked. The second time, I turned her away at the last moment as I was still panicking. The third time, I decided to trot it to prove to myself it wasn't scary. Hattie trotted over it like it was nothing. Then I asked for her left lead canter and jumped it, no problem!! We did it on the right lead too without incident. I love my Whippy side saddle!

After when we were untacking, I removed Hattie three fold girth and saw something I haven't seen in ages, a girth rub....

Hattie only gets these when she is at her porky weight, 470 kgs and I know she has put on weight recently as I haven't been riding much due to my hip. Because her conformation causes her saddles to slide forward, the excess blubber that she gets behind her shoulder, bunches up and gets rubbed by the overgirth. Although my Whippy doesn't slide forward as much or as badly as some previous saddles I have had, it still goes forward a little bit and that was enough to cause a rub with her excess blubber. As soon as I saw it, I thought "I bet she is 470 again" so I whipped out the weight tape and lo and behold, 470 kgs.

I try to keep her weight at about 432- 450 so am going to have to get that extra 20 kilos off of her. It wasn't so bad when I had my Manorgrove as that didn't have an overgirth and she has been fine with my Whippy since I got it in the winter but she was under 470 kilos at the time. The next time my saddler comes, I'm going to ask him if it would be possible for him to remove the overgirth from my Whippy and maybe make some type of tab attachment for the off-side flap to hold it down.

I have big fluffy "dead sheep" girth covers that I keep for when she gets her blubber girth rubs along with her soothing baby rash creme but I may have to start lunging her as well as riding so she gets that excess weight off. Wish I could lose 20 kilos too!

I tell you what though, I would NOT like to jump in this side saddle or even attempt jumping with this lady's position!

I tried to bid on this last night on Ebay but was unsuccessful which was a shame as it was a neat side saddle photograph from the early 1870's. I doubt whether the actress was a rider judging from her poor position in the saddle but I thought her early leaping headless saddle was interesting as you rarely see side saddles in early photos.

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