Friday, 7 October 2011

A Date!

Don't you just love it when you find out more about something you have always wanted to know about?

Well, I was having a quick browse of Ebay before heading off to work this morning and a thumbnail photo of a newly listed auction caught my was another side saddle surcingle! An identical one to mine!!

The only difference is the one on Ebay has doeskin pommels whereas mine has leather covered pommels. The Ebay one still has it's original Victorian foot plate stirrup as well but other than that, it's identical right down to the tooling on it and the grab handle (the Ebay one has broken off however). Even the pommel placement is the same. The Ebay surgingle looks like it was used a lot more than mine though.

The neat thing about the one on Ebay, however, is the fact that the date stamp still remains on it. I knew my one was from the late 19th century but now I know that it was most likely made in 1893 as the one on ebay has a date of March 27, 1893!

I have written to the seller asking if there are any maker's marks stamped anywhere as it would be interesting to see who actually made our surcingles. Hopefully she will write back with some more information.


  1. Do you have a link to the auction?

  2. The seller just wrote back an said that there was no mark but that there was a man in Sacremento, California who was making them at the time.

    The auction number is: 180734698252

  3. OK that was just cruel! They won't ship outside the US, although I have asked... :)

  4. That's a shame as my one that I bought from the Side Saddlery fit into a normal smallish sized box and only cost about $60 to send to me by Priority Mail to the UK.

  5. Why does this stuff only ever come through when I'm crazy busy and haven't been able to look on eBay? Sigh... More money in the bank to buy a horse, instead of spending on little things, right? :)