Monday, 14 November 2011

Another one for the collection...

For the past few months, I have not been feeling very well. I've been feeling very drained and tired like I've been running on empty. In fact some days, I haven't even felt like riding and even picking out Hattie's feet has been an ordeal. The last two shows I have been to this month (the dressage and the clear round), were ridden through sheer determination as I felt like a zombie.

Fed up with feeling this way, I went to the doctor's and had a blood test done the other week. Today I went to get my result and it turns out that I have low white blood cells. The normal range is about 4000 to 11 000 cells per microlitres and mine is 3000 (this is the info my doc told me and what I saw on the computer there) so a bit low to say the least!

Basically in a nut shell, I have to change my diet and eat more healthily- eat more like Hattie and less like Homer Simpson so hopefully I will start to reap the benefits of this new healthy diet I'm embarking on. I'm giving myself this week off from riding to rest but I'll have to ride tomorrow as my saddler is coming out to reflock my Whippy.

Back to horses now...

Still feeling like crap on Saturday, I managed to schlep my death-warmed-over self around Your Horse Live, which was held at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire. As you will remember from my Your Horse Live blog post from last year, it's a mega horse event with demos, LOTS of shopping and horse stuff to do.

Sadly, the horse simulator with the side saddle wasn't there this year- well, the "horse" was but they brought a western and a jumping saddle to try so I didn't bother as I've already ridden Western in Canada and I already have a jumping saddle for when I need to ride astride. there were no side saddles for sale this year like there was last year either.

It was fun shopping but I didn't actually buy very much except for a pair of mucker boots, a pair of long winter riding boots (field boots at that!), a pair of posh navy full suede seat breeches in that trendy Schoeller technical fabric you see nowadays (should have bought two pairs really as they were stupidly cheap), an ear warmer for me and a new lycra hood and neck cover for Hattie.

I also got measured up for these RUBY RED PATENT CROCODILE SKIN riding boots (the ones in the middle of the page)!!! Price wise, they aren't actually that much more than what Ariat riding boots retail here in the UK for and those are non custom and made in China! I told the lady that I couldn't actually buy them yet but she said that it was ok as she would take my measurements for the day I save up enough :) I will get them eventually.

I tried on another pair at their stand and their boots made my big ole feet look like tiny Cinderella feet but without the pain. The leather was so soft, the quality so beautiful...Oh for heaven's sake, I'm dribbling down my top!

Although there wasn't much side saddle at this year's Your Horse Live, I DID manage to find a book that I have been looking for AGES for sale at a second hand equestrian book retailer there. It's the Saddle of Queens by Lida Fleitmann Bloodgood and when I spotted it, I HAD to buy it as I never could manage to win one on Ebay. I have quite a few original copies of books on side saddle riding from the Victorian and early 19th century but this one from 1959 managed to elude me until Saturday.


  1. Love the boots! Looks like they do gorgeous work.

    As for the eating, it's amazing how soon you'll feel better once you change your diet a bit! I've been cutting out sugary stuff, and limiting pasta for dinner to once a week. Cutting way down on the carbs. It's weird, I'm eating less but not feeling nearly as hungry. Hope you notice a difference soon too!

  2. What? That's all you bought? You must be sicker than you thought!

  3. Yeah, I'm already starting to feel better. I feel hungry every few hours so have to make sure I have something healthy to eat to bring with me (trail mix, banana, etc) or else I start to feel bad again.

    LOL, Robin, like I said, I still have those ruby red boots to buy!!