Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Senara the Arabian

After nearly a month long hiatus, I promise an update this week (hopefully tomorrow!) on our "interesting" dressage show we attended on Sunday! Reading Robin's blog post today though, about her horse Foxy, got me thinking about horses that I've had the pleasure of knowing and riding in the past.

One in particular is Senara who is owned by my friend, Bev. When my son was born, Bev promised me that when I lost the baby weight, that I could ride her Arabian, Senara (or Sen for short). Well, I lost the weight and ended up helping Bev take care of Sen and her other horses.

Sen was 17 when I started riding and taking care of her and when I got my old Champion & Wilton side saddle, well, she took to that with ease! The first time I rode her in the side saddle, I hadn't expected it to fit so only brought it down to the stables to see how it fit. As soon as I plopped it on her back and saw what a good fit it was, I thought "hey, let's go riding!". Unfortunately, Bev does not leave tack down at her stable due to thefts in the area and my own bridle was at home so I put two lead ropes on her halter and rode her down the lane like that!

The next day, I brought my bridle and we went out for a little hack down the lane and back again, this was us on Sen's 2nd attempt at side saddle...

Over the year, we went from a hairy Arab lacking topline and condition to a slick beast.

We hacked everywhere side saddle and eventually did the Miss Blaby Procession.

After a while, I noticed the saddle started to roll and ride uphill. Because of all the work and the conditioning feed I had been giving her, my C&W became too narrow...

I had planned on buying her a wider saddle but that fell through when another friend offered me her cob on loan.

Bev still owns Senara and although I don't ride her any more, she is stabled near to Hattie's stable so I still get to see her everyday.

This is her doing her head twirling thing whenever she REALLY wanted something whether it was food, to be turned out or going for a gallop. I had to ride her with a martingale as she would do this while galloping and nearly broke my nose once! LOL!

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