Sunday, 6 November 2011

Yay!!! We Did It!

It was the clear round jumping show held by my local riding club,BRRA at Blaby Mill Stables today and we jumped!!!!

I have done these shows before on Hattie but only jumping astride and the last time I did one, was last April on a friend's horse when Hattie had that bump on her withers.

The last clear round jumping I did side saddle, was May 2010 at the South Kilworth show and we mostly trotted around the course so I was absolutely kakking myself today as I wasn't sure how Hattie was going to be after being Speedy Gonzales yesterday.

I put the gel anti-slip pad under the side saddle and tried my 51" vintage Owen three buckle-three fold girth and it fit a treat. I was happy about that as it saves me having to fork out ££'s for a new Robert Jenkins girth which I can ill afford this month. I'll save her 52 1/2" girth as her "fat" girth. The saddle stayed put today too and Hattie was back to her old self today as you will see in the video with her ears forward.

Hattie was spooking all the way to the show so I wasn't hopeful about our performance so when I got to the show, I took her in the indoor ring to warm up and get her listening by practising some walk/trot/canter transitions, no jumping to wind her up.

We only did the 1' course and I am pleased with how Hattie went. We did not get any rosettes unfortunately as we had some fences down but our goal today, was to have nice calm ride with no bombing off or jumping WAAAAAAAAAY before the fence. I think next time we'll try a slightly higher height as Hattie was a bit lazy going over these but she seems to respect the higher jumps more. I remembered to keep my right shoulder back, my ribcage up and my right toe down and this helped Hattie with her striding and stopped her from taking off too early.

Here's our video!


  1. Looked great!! I think you and Hattie will have no problem over slightly bigger jumps!

    p.s. What a pretty arena to ride in with the huge trees around.

  2. wow! that arena is gorgeous! I'm more than a little jealous ;)

    do you stay low on the jumps for any reason? I've only jumped in sidesaddle twice ( during summer I brought my saddle to ponycamp and I could ride a narrower mare in it) but I've found that the really low jumps feel really bumpy, whereas the higher jumps felt more smooth. I couldn't go much higher than 50cm ( which is about 20-25 inch I think) because I would feel like I was bounching out of the saddle ( even though I was really steady) but the jumps from 10-15" were the most comfortable.
    the lower jumps actually felt like a weird gallopleap, like she was making a really messy flying change or something.
    so, just wondering :)

    also: did you receive my email? I wondered if you would put my saddle in your for sale/wanted list. I hadn't heard from you, so I thought maybe something went wrong with the email.

    and as a final question :P
    the measurement across the long and short point is usually taken as an estimate for the widthh of the tree, right? when can you say if your saddle ( or horse) is narrow, medium, medium-wide or wide? for instance: the whippy that was too narrow for us was about 16"-17" wide. I think ( though I'd have to check) that Emily is a good 18" wide at least, I figure that makes her wide ( at least in her barrel/ribs)
    how wide is Hattie?


  3. It is lovely at Blaby Mill Stables, I like going there for shows and to school.

    We will be doing jumps a bit higher at the next show but for this month, because of the way Hattie has been over the past month, saddle troubles and how speedy she was on the Saturday schooling, I thought it best that we keep it simple.

    I want to get her going around the course calmly and with a good forward rhythm without worrying about having to clear height. Our flatwork has been helping us achieve this so we may try a little higher next month depending on how our work is progressing. I'm not going to rush jumping and I want to keep it simple so as not to blow Hattie's mind and overface me. :)

    I didn't find the jumps uncomfortable at all to jump but the trick is getting to jump them in the canter stride.

    Yes, I got your email, I just haven't done much with my blog lately asI've been busy. I will get your saddle up now :)

    For width wise, there isn't really a rule. Most people go by how a side saddle compares in fit with modern astride saddles. Hattie takes a medium in astride saddles and her Whippy fits like this which makes it about a medium fit although it is heavily flocked up and the gullet spread looks more like a medium/wide. It's probably more like a "generous medium".

    I can't remember off-hand but I think her saddle measures something like 13 1/2" wide from short point to long point.

  4. I know what you mean about the calm strides. I've been practicing jumping with emily too, I'm a reasonable jumper on an experienced horse, but emily has barely jumped anything in her life ( and convincing her to start now is proving somewhat problematic haha).
    especially the rythm is our weakpoint, even in flatwork, she like to take of when we're galloping. how are you training to improve rythm and stride?

    I see you put up my saddle! thank you!!! :D hope I get a reply soon :)

    interesting...emily takes a medium in astride too, but the medium saddles so far ( even the medium whippy which had reasonable flare to it) are still too narrow in the ribs. tricky...
    is 13 1/2" measured from the inside of the saddle, between the flocking? because I remember that whippy being about 14" between the flocking from short to long point.


  5. I think you'll find that it gets easier over bigger fences. You get some additional lift from the horse at takeoff. A more vigorous canter helps, and I've found that jumping from the gallop is easier still. You're both ready to move up.

  6. LOL, Hattie can do "vigorous" when it comes to cantering :)

  7. I have a "rushy" TB who likes to get excited and overjump his fences. At the last clinic I attended the clinician reiterated, "keep it low and jump it until he is bored." And it works. He is doing much better. At 18" he will still jump near 3" but he is keeping his rhythm and jumping in stride. Hattie looked great in this video. Just the right amount of "bored" so you know she is ready to increase height. Best of luck!