Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

Looking back at all the side saddle things Hattie and I have accomplished over 2011, I must say we haven't done too badly despite me breaking my rib and Hattie getting that darn bump on her withers from an ill fitting saddle! We finally got to go to some shows where we did very well, did some jumping, FINALLY managed to do a couple of Prelim tests AND despite countless unsuitable saddles, we managed to find our beloved Whippy- without with, we wouldn't have been able to do all this fun side saddle stuff this past year.

So I take this opportunity to thank my saddle...thank you Whippy!

What plans do I have for 2012?

First thing is first, I have the side saddler coming out in January to DE-flock my side saddle. Then this coming year, plan to continue doing the Prelim tests, work on our jumping and attend the clear round jumping show which is held every month- maybe work up the nerve to jump higher than 1' but we'll have to see!! Hopefully we will be able to attend more shows as well if I am lucky enough to get lifts if not, then we'll just stick to the shows we normally do in the summer. Hopefully, I will be able to find another off-side side saddle as well to do some competing on too.

I would also like to join the International Side Saddle Organization and enter their points program too so I need to get my membership sent off to them.

So quite a few things to do this coming year!!

Now, time to get off the computer and pull some left over Christmas crackers but would like to wish all my side saddle friends here and their families, a VERY HAPPY AND SAFE 2012!



  1. Yesssssss........ Join ussssssss........ :) (ya know, you can do it all online, why bother with the post....)

    'Course, then I'd be begging you to come over in March for the awards dinner and annual clinic. Then who knows how much mischief we'd get you into?

  2. I'm already looking at flights for next year, lol. Hopefully my dad still lives in Bethesda in 2013 as him and my step mom always move around the US because of her job, that will save me some $$$ if he does!